Imagine YOU® sponsored by Kaiser Permanente Marin-Sonoma

KP_Thrive_Stacked_307Kaiser Permanente Marin-Sonoma Area Community Benefit just announced they will be providing sponsorship program support for the upcoming Imagine YOU® Leader Certificate Training, a program of the Integrative Medical Clinic Foundation, a local Santa Rosa nonprofit organization. The training will take place on June 21 and 23, 2016.

The Imagine YOU® Project, created and developed by Ellen Barnett, MD, PhD turns the idea of motivation and willpower upside down. Dr. Barnett, a family physician for the past 25 years, developed the project after realizing most people feel weighed down by their “should list” of health goals, and uplifted when they focus on what is matters most to them. She encourages people to view their health and life through the lens of what is deeply important to them, using that vision to guide their daily choices.

The Imagine YOU Project trains community leaders, health, and human resource professionals in the Imagine YOU method so that everyone in our community can move toward their best health and life. For more about the Imagine YOU Leader Certificate Program visit Imagine YOU.

“Assisting the youth we serve to form and create their personal vision of health allows them to form a direct and personal connection to their bodies and their own health. This direct connection allows youth to feel in control of their health and thus empowers them to value their health and make it a priority. The youth we work with have been “directed” their whole life; Imagine YOU doesn’t direct them, instead it stimulates conversation, leadership and engagement that insures their participation in the process. If every youth could feel connected to their health and realize the importance of maintaining their health, our community would feel the direct impact.”

– Amber Twitchell, Program Director, VOICES/On the Move